Saturday, October 25th, 2014...3:47 pm

Cross country Mote park by Joel

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On the 24th, 17th, 11th and 4th. I took part in cross country at Mote park. On the 4th I came 104th but there was over two hundred people there and the course was just over a mile long the best result Brunswick got then was 3rd which was Beth with her amazing running skills. On the 11th I came 98th and there wasn’t so many people but it was very up and down hill because of that I drained quite a lot of my energy half way through Brunswick best there again was beth keeping up her streak of coming 3rd. On the 17th I did a race at Mote park again that was about 2 miles and was very hard going. I came 108th and Brunswick best place there was Beth but she just missed out on 3rd and coming 4th sadly but that is still exetremely good. Now here we come to my favourite and best race yet the team races. There was 2 Brunswick year 5 and 6 boys teams and very well indeed Henry, Cuba, Ben and I came 4th by heroicly running around a about 1km track 1 time each. Henry set off first for us then me, Cuba and then Ben with his absouletly awesome sprint to get us to the finish line. Well done to everyone who did cross country it is really great to see so many people out running.


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