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The Rainbow Serpent by Joel and Jake

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Once upon a time long ago all the land was absolutely flat. Everybody was bored but the next day a serpent named guerrilla. But he wasn’t any old serpent that made mound, hills, flowers and vast mountain ranges. One boiling day he had a thought he said to himself “ I would like a tribe” So he started going around the land making mounds, mountains, and lots of other interesting things that the people had never seen before because it was so long ago so they thought the land was flat. How long

ago do you think it was? Guerrilla attracted lots of people because of this would you go with the rainbow serpent? Then he in his deep bellowed voice “You will be my tribe will you not?” Then guerrilla took them to a nice cosy spot and they settled there. After a while two boys came and asked if they could join his tribe he answered yes but the trick was he asked them to come into his mouth. Then guerrilla wriggled as far as he could away from the tribe and slept there over night.  Then the guerrilla ate the boys. The next morning the tribe woke up and they were mad so they set out to find the evil rainbow serpent. 20 minutes after the tribal men found the rainbow serpent and split his stomach open and the two boys flew out as a pair of parquets. The men were very surprised at this. But when the rainbow serpent was outraged. Went back to the village and started destroying all the mountains and no one was getting hurt because they were flying out as birds, animals, trees, rocks and some humans.

That is the of the Rainbow Serpent.

The End.

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