Wednesday, January 21st, 2015...3:11 pm

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I was eating a apple but suddenly it fell out of my hand.can I have some said my little annoying “brother” witch keeps asking me for a apple No “I said” why said my “brother” because earlier a apple! Fell out of my hand and plus there is none left I don’t want to kill you.I MEAN IT if you want some go and get some from the shop just over the road NO BECAUAE I’M ONLY 5 YEARS OLD! Alright just leave me alone.I took another bite out of my apple MUM GROANDED AT me because I didn’t let him have any that’s because there aint any more apples SHUT UP MUM how do you want any banana’s YEAH said my brother.How about 100! banana’s! oh no said brother yeah even mum said yeah for 1nce’ in her life… The end to be continued

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