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Word Wizard House Point Winners

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Congratulations to the children in the tables below who have won points (50 for runners up, 100 for the four winners)) for their houses in the inaugural Word Wizard competition; in each table, the winner is shown in bold underlined:

Freddie M Year 1 Wyatt
Hayden F Year 1 Hazlitt
Jacob K Year 1 Wyatt
Jenny S Year 1 Romney
Lewis R Year 1 Wyatt
Momina A Year 1 Hazlitt
Olivia C Year 1 Romney
Sophie H Year 1 Wyatt


Annis B Year 2 Woodville
Daniel H Year 2 Hazlitt
Finn PS Year 2 Woodville
Katherine A Year 2 Hazlitt
Lydia B Year 2 Hazlitt
Martyna K Year 2 Woodville
Tegan E Year 2 Woodville


Assanatu T LKS2 Wyatt
Erin B LKS2 Hazlitt
Ethan B LKS2 Woodville
Faye J LKS2 Wyatt
Flynn R LKS2 Woodville
Gabriel A LKS2 Romney
George W LKS2 Romney
Leo W LKS2 Romney
Marwah M LKS2 Romney
Zahra A LKS2 Woodville
Zsofia A LKS2 Hazlitt


Asha N UKS2 Wyatt
Blake S UKS2 Romney
Dannika W UKS2 Hazlitt
Jack C UKS2 Romney
Jack W UKS2 Romney
Mollie H UKS2 Wyatt
Nicole W UKS2 Wyatt
Oliver A UKS2 Woodville
Star KM UKS2 Hazlitt
Vidura H UKS2 Wyatt

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